How Much Salt You Should Be Eating in a Day?

According to the the Heart Foundation of Australia, it is recommended that an adult should only be consuming lesss than 5g of salt per day- that’s less than a teaspoon. Yes, you read that correctly- less than a TEASPOON of salt is all an adult should be consuming in a day!

We all know that Salt is an essential part of your health, but what happens to your body when you consume too much?

A diet high in salt can lead to some of the following health problems:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart failure/heart attack
  • kidney problems and kidney stones
  • oedema (fluid retention)
  • stroke
  • left ventricular hypertrophy (thickening of heart muscle)
  • osteoporosis.

Some of the best ways to reduce your daily salt consumption are:

  • Drink lot’s of water every day
  • Use Herbs & Spices instead of salt for seasoning
  • Consume Healthy fat’s such as nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and  use their oils for cooking
  • Get the right nutrients such as proteins, iron, zinc and vitamins, particularly the vitamin B group
  • Consume fibre, vitamins and minerals found in fruits, vegetables and supplements

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