I Meal Prepped Every Meal For 14 Days- and saved my sanity!

There are not enough hours in a day just to get the basic routines done. Most of us are so busy with our careers, family, friends, health & wellness journey just to name a few. Who on earth can be bothered deciding what to eat for every single meal? Not me! That’s why I love the idea of Meal Prep!

Meal Prep is a great way to help you save time during the week, focus on your health goals, aide in weight loss and also can save you money.

Here are some handy tips when you are ready to Meal Prep: 

  • Create a shopping list- it is so much easier knowing what you will eat for a fortnight and then knowing exactly what to buy
  • Make sure you have enough containers. Every meal will be individually portioned, so have enough containers per meal, per person
  • After you have decided on what meals you will make, pull out all of the ingredients & cooking utensils, and have them ready to use
  • Make double batches so that you can eat it in week 2, or even freeze for a later date to keep variety
  • Try to do all of your meal prep on a quiet day. Spend a few hours when you can to save hours of cooking during the week
  • Make sure you also have enough healthy snacks too. My go to are delicious protein filled smoothies, and a selection of healthy snacks sold at Shred Squad
  • Meal prep your Smoothies. Just like your meals, you can prep your smoothies. Simply fill ziplock bags with your favourite protein, fruits and add ins. Simply add liquids when ready to consume!
  • Prepare your proteins and vegetables in one session. Even if you don’t individually portion out your meals, you can add variety by simply having different vegies and proteins ready, then mix and match creating different meals
  • Use a Slow cooker. I love how you can just throw a variety of ingredients in a voila- ready made meals
  • Stuck for ideas? There are plenty of amazing recipes online to get inspiration from!

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In a perfect world, we would all be eating the perfect amounts of the perfect types of food each day to meet these requirements. Like most of us, it is hard to rely on, and stick to only eating the correct foods, and correct amounts of good nutrients recommended per day. That’s why the products found at Shred Squad can compliment a balanced diet, and can provide you with all of the daily requirements for good health! At Shred Squad there are products to suit every body and every need.

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*Shred Squad always recommends seeking medical advice when pregnant, changing your diet or when consuming new products you are unsure of.

Shred Squad Group is a proud Corporate Sponsor of RSPCA Australia- a portion of every single order is donated to RSPCA Australia.