Tips for a Healthy-ish Holiday Season!

Ahhh, the Festive Season is upon us! Where did this year go?

This is always a very exciting time of the year. Everyone is unwinding, the party invites are coming and it it time to celebrate the end of another year- and the beginning of a new year. The Holidays are coming, which we all know equates to major indulgence!

During this time, it is so hard to stick to any kind of healthy routine, and quite frankly, this is the time to let loose a bit! One thing that is harder however, is to get back into a healthy routine AFTER the Holiday Season has left us!

Here are some handy tips to enjoy the Holiday season, indulge a bit, find some balance and make it easier to get back on track in the New year:

  • Limit your Sugar- Before you reach for ALL of those lollies, cookies, candy canes and desserts, just pick one of your favourite sweet things and enjoy. Be mindful of HOW MUCH you are munching on. It is so easy to get caught up and keep reaching for the sweets bowls over and over again. An easier way to avoid this, is to choose HEALTHY SNACKS  such as Sugar free Chocolates, protein packed snacks, nuts and fruits. Be prepared- have these items in your home, or take something in your bag with you! Remember, everything in Moderation!
  • Eat More Fruit- As you are trying to move away from all this festive refined sugars, fruit is our saviour. Packed full of nutrients, while still delivering on those sweet cravings. We love AbsoluteFruitz Freeze Dried Fruits
  • Take Probiotics- During the Holidays, our immune system usually decreases a bit. Daily Probiotics are a great way to keep your immunity up, as it’s been shown to boost immunity against cold and flu during times of acute stress (and we know how stressful gift shopping can be).They are great for increasing that good bacteria to fight the overindulgence. Check out our range of Probiotics for the whole family!
  • Get a good Nights Sleep- No matter how jam-packed your social calendar is, don’t skimp on your beauty sleep. Get as much sleep as possible during the holiday season, with a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night. This is what your body truly needs to recuperate and revive during the Silly Season.
  • Drink Less- The temptation is everywhere and it can be really hard to limit your alcohol intake. One can lead to many more. If you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, just remember, your favourite cocktail can be full of hidden sugars! As the saying goes- everything in moderation.
  • Drink More Water- Hydration is absolute key to staying healthier- especially while indulging! When consuming alcohol, you should be making sure that at LEAST every second drink is a glass of water. Our body depends on water for detoxing, and feeling our best. Your body and will thank you for it and you can decrease the chance of a bad hangover!
  • Get more Vegies on your Plate- It is so easy to fill your plate with all of this mashed potatoes, heavy meats.Instead, grab more of the leafy green types of vegies and fill majority of your plate with these. They will fill you up, but provide you with better energy, and you wont suffer from that dinner bloat and hangover feeling.
  • Stay Active- Just like you use your calendar to schedule your social events over the next few weeks, use it to schedule your workouts as well. Staying active will keep the strength of your immune system up, and it’ll also help ease the physical effects of party season!
  • Pamper Yourself- During this time of year, we are all running around like crazy people, and taking care of everyone else. It is so important to take care of yourself too! You have worked hard all year, and this is the time to treat yourself too. Massage, facials, anything that can bring you some bliss! If you don’t have time to do this, simply pamper yourself at home and give yourself a mini facial. Even better, get your partner to rub some delicious  Essential Oils on you! This is a fantastic way to connect and both share some special time. Shop here for our amazing range of Personal Care Products

We wish you a fabulous Holiday Season. Life is not meant to be taken too seriously. Eat, Drink and be Merry, but do it in moderation. Have fun, and hopefully these tips will help you to have a Healthy-ish Holiday season!

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